Darren Gergle | Northwestern University


I have had the pleasure of working with and advising a number of talented graduate students and post-doctoral researchers.

Current Student Advisees

PhD and MA/MS Graduates
  • Patti Bao (PhD, TSB) - Google, UX Researcher
  • Alan Clark (MA, MTS) - Facebook, UX Researcher
  • Brent Hecht (PhD, EECS) - Assistant Prof. of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • Chris Karr (MA, MTS) - Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, CBITs Sr. Developer
  • Brian Keegan (PhD, MTS) - Assistant Prof. of Information Science, University of Colorado
  • Lauren Scissors (PhD, MTS) - Facebook, UX Research Manager

Current and Former Post-Doctoral Advisees